5th & Alton - AROUND TOWN

Hello there! It's been more than a year (I think) since my last post. The truth is that I have been using Tumblr more, actually I have been using Tumblr, period. But I feel that Tumblr is not a writing friendly blog. I identify with it to post pictures mainly, not to write, and sometimes I like to do both. Let's see how long I keep up with this blog from today on. It would be nice if I did on a daily basis, but who am I fooling. I'll just go with the flow.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the top floor of a shopping complex on 5th & Alton (Miami Beach), the complex goes by that name too. We had been wanting to go there for a while to take photos, and yesterday we decided to scan the area and see what was the best place to stay for a little while and maybe do a time lapse video since you get a view of downtown and the entrance to the beach. (Those plans are not happening BTW, keep reading).

The afternoon was perfect, my kind of perfect anyways, cloudy overcast, almost sunset but enough light, and with the clouds it was giving a really neutral tone which I love!

All in all we spent around 20 minutes walking around the parking lot and of course I snapped a couple of pictures.

We were almost ready to go, planning our next visit and all and as we walked towards the elevator...a security came to our encounter! Oh no!! and proceeded to inform us that "for future reference, you are not allowed to take pictures here..." :( Our hearts sank. So I guess this is the last you will be seeing from this place. Hasta la vista....


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