Holocaust Memorial - AROUND TOWN

Today I left my house with the intention of exploring a place I should have explored a long time ago, Why? Because it is literally across my workplace.

The Holocaust Memorial is a wonderful monument in memory of all the victims of the Holocaust, hence the name. It is a magnificent hand that rises from the center of an artificial pond. The forearm is being crawled by nude, weak, starving figures.  

You can walk around this pond (while reading facts about this time in history) and ironically it fills you with serenity...(I guess the lotus flowers help)

In the center of the walk-around, there is a path that leads you to the "root" of the hand...but before you go in, is nice to take a look up and you can see a mosaic with the word Jude that casts beautiful light on the wall (around 6pm anyway). Once in,  you are welcomed by the figure of a child extending his hand.....and from then on all that is left is to look around and be consumed by the power of the sculptures. 


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